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You keep having a sinking feeling that something isn’t right.  Your spouse keeps coming home late and acting suspiciously.  If you suspect infidelity in a spouse or partner, a private investigator for cheating spouse in Santa Clarita can help you get the proof you need.

Private Investigator for Cheating Spouse in Santa Clarita

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Private Investigator for Cheating Spouse in Santa Clarita

The idea of your partner being unfaithful can be a very painful thought to consider.  Infidelity is one of the most common fears people who are in a romantic relationship.  Unfortunately some partners will be unfaithful at some point during the relationship.

If you suspect a cheating spouse or partner, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth.  A private investigator can help you get the information you need to repair your relationship or give you the confidence to end a relationship that is beyond reconciliation.

H7 Investigative Services conducts thorough cheating spouse investigations in Santa Clarita and the surrounding communities.

Private Investigator for Cheating Spouse in Santa Clarita

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator for cheating?

A private investigator for cheating spouse in Santa Clarita will cost about $100 per hour.  Some PI agencies begin with a base number of hours and build the case estimate from there.  For instance, a contract might state a minimum of four hours per case plus additional hours as needed.  A cheating spouse usually takes between one to three days to complete, and about eight hours per day of investigation.

What a private investigative agency might charge for an infidelity case largely depends on three factors – the state you live in, the region of the state, and the expertise of the agency handling the case.  Some agencies charge an hourly rate and will give you a close estimate of the final cost before starting a case.  Other agencies have figured out the average time and cost for a given type of case and will charge a flat fee.

Sometimes an investigator can get lucky and catch just the right photo or video to prove the case on the first day.  Most cases can be resolved with about three days of work though.  At 8 hours per day plus an hour per day for report writing, a case might come out to around $3,500 to resolve a case.  Miscellaneous charges for database searches and vehicle mileage are also factored into this figure.

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How do private investigators catch cheaters?

To Successfully catch a cheater, a private investigator begins with collecting as much information as possible about the suspect.  Always be completely honest and share as much information as you can when hiring a private investigator.  The more information you can share, the greater the likelihood of a successful investigation.

Your suspicions will usually help the investigator in developing a plan of action.  You should also discuss your partner’s daily routine, work address, and places they normally like to go.  Recent photos of the suspected cheater are also very important.  It’s especially helpful if you have an idea of where the cheater is secretly meeting with the other person.

Surveillance is the number one tool a private investigator uses to catch cheaters.  Photographs and video captured during surveillance can be the most compelling evidence for any type of case, especially infidelity.  With all the information gathered during the initial interview, the PI will know where and when to set up and follow the suspected cheater.

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During the surveillance, the private investigator will gather video and photographic evidence of all the places and people the suspected cheater visits.  Documenting date and time for video and photo evidence is also standard practice for professional investigators.

In some instances a PI can discretely capture audio recordings in addition to video and photos.  In Santa Clarita and all of California, audio recordings are subject to the two-party consent law, meaning that any person must first consent before being audio recorded.

The exception to the two-party consent law is when audio is captured in a public place where a person does not have an expectation of privacy.  For example, a couple who are sitting together at a park bench may not have a reasonable expectation of privacy because they are sitting out in the open air where anyone can hear what they are saying.  But a couple together in a hotel room would have an expectation of privacy, so you couldn’t plant listening devices in the room or listen by way of external high tech listening devices without first gaining their consent.

A good PI can play by the rules and still capture good video and audio evidence of a suspected cheater.  For example, using a covert camera, an investigator can sit right next to a couple at a bar or bistro and capture their entire conversation.

Even when a person is not directly caught in the act of cheating, surveillance can usually show you enough to confirm your suspicions.  Video is especially important when a couple publicly displays their affection with hugs and kisses.  Someone would likely consider their suspicions confirmed if they saw their significant other kissing and hugging another person at a bar or while sitting in a local park.

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How do you tell if someone is lying about cheating on you?

You may have already begun watching for signs that your partner is cheating on you.  If they’ve taken an unusual interest in their appearance, started a new gym membership, or suddenly have a longer work schedule, you may have good reason to suspect infidelity.  Your intuition will tell you if something is different.

After observing changes in behavior, you may feel the need to confront your partner and directly ask if they’ve been unfaithful.  Watch for little indicators to tell if they’re lying or being truthful.

For instance, watch and listen to they way your partner answers you, not only the words they are saying.  A person telling the truth will sound more natural and feel spontaneous, whereas lies are often forced and sound rehearsed.

An honest person’s story will also stay consistent, while a lying person’s account of events may change or become more detailed with each new telling.

A big indicator that someone is lying about cheating on you is when they deflect away from the question or try to reverse the question back on you.  For example, you may confront your spouse and ask directly if they’ve been cheating on you.  Instead of giving a direct honest sounding answer, they deflect by changing the subject or saying that someone else is putting negative thoughts in your head.

Projection is very manipulative and emotionally abusive.  Projecting the question of cheating back at you is a strong sign that a partner is lying about being unfaithful.  If you find yourself suddenly being accused of cheating, knowing you’ve been faithful, your partner is probably lying about being a cheater.

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