Criminal Defense Investigations:

Our former and current law enforcement personnel bring a wealth of experience in conducting criminal investigations. We will find the information you need to assist in any criminal defense case.
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People Locate:

When a person is missing, law enforcement may not always have the staffing or resources to fully investigate missing persons cases. Some people don’t want to be found, such as deadbeat dads, debtors, or other legal process. A private investigator can help with locating missing persons or other people who need to be found.
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Surveillance Investigative Services:

Professional investigators will provide you with the highest level of surveillance. Either as part of a comprehensive investigation or to obtain video footage to support an ongoing civil or criminal case, a highly skilled investigator will employ the latest technology to meet your needs.
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Infidelity Investigations:

We can help you find out if a spouse or significant other has been unfaithful in the relationship. Our investigation will gather the evidence you need to show whether or not your partner is cheating.
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Child Custody Investigations:

Disputes over child custody and child support can be very emotionally charged. A private investigator can show if a parent is acting unsafely with a child or is otherwise not providing a nurturing environment.
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Background Checks and Investigations:

Whether you need to screen potential employees or shed light on questions involving a potential spouse, a thorough background investigation will put your mind at ease.
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Insurance Investigations:

A private investigator can assist in gathering evidence to support or deny an insurance claim and to uncover all types of claims fraud. We can also help your business find out if an employee has fraudulently reported an injury or is working a side job after having claimed to be incapacitated for work.
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Other Investigative Services:

H7 is a full service investigative agency and provides a wide range additional services in addition to our core offerings. Your satisfaction is our primary objective and we can tailor a service package to achieve your goals.

Meet with one of our investigators to discuss your case and the tools we use to conduct investigations in Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley, and the greater Los Angeles area.

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